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For Clients


In order to establish an order, customers use the Order Now button on a Freelancer's Gig page or Custom Offer, or the Logo Maker, and then pay Workfyx. To facilitate the collection of Client payments, the transfer of Client payments to Freelancers, and the keeping of monies related to Workfyx Balances, Workfyx has partnered with Payment Services Providers. Workfyx's Payment Services Providers handle all financial transactions related to monetary transactions on the platform.

You can pay for your Workfyx purchases with a credit card, PayPal, Workfyx Credits, or your existing Workfyx Balance in most regions. Some places may require the use of alternative payment methods. You can read more about the different payment options here.

At checkout, you'll see the whole price, including any applicable service costs, and can choose whether or not to proceed with the transaction. These costs are for administration purposes. 5.5% of the total purchase price will be charged as a service fee beginning in June 2023. There will be a US$2.5 minor order fee added to all orders that don't total at least US$75.

Your current Workfyx Balance will be deducted from your next order.

You are not permitted to pay or propose payment to Freelancers outside of the platform. Please contact us immediately if you have been asked to switch to a different form of payment.

Invoices and payment confirmations from Workfyx will be sent to you electronically as PDF files via email via the Site.

Withdrawal payment information is gathered by either Workfyx or Workfyx's Payment Services Providers to prevent fraud, unlawful transactions (such money laundering), claims, or other liabilities. Providers of payment services may also need additional data from you in order to complete withdrawal transactions. Workfyx is not privy to the sensitive financial data that is transmitted to Payment Services Providers, which is governed by the Payment Service Provider's own privacy practices. For additional information, please review our Privacy Policy.

You represent and warrant that (a) you are legally authorized to provide such information; (b) you are legally authorized or have permission to make payments using the payment method(s); (c) if you are an employee or agent of a company or person that owns the payment method, you are authorized by that company or person to use the payment method to make payments on Workfyx; and (d) you are legally authorized to make purchases on Workfyx using the payment method.


Signing up for Workfyx, posting a project, receiving bids from freelancers, reviewing the freelancer's portfolio, and discussing the project requirements are all free services. If you want to award the project to one of the bidders we presented, we ask for a small project fee as an introduction fee equal to a percentage of the bid amount.

This fee, and how much it is, will vary greatly from one project to the next.

ou will be charged a fee equal to 2% of the project cost or $2.00 USD at the moment the contract is signed for fixed-price jobs. If you end up paying the freelancer more than the amount they bid for, we will add the project fee to that amount as well.

A 2% processing fee will be added to all payments made to the freelancer for hourly work.

For up to seven (7) days after a project has been accepted, you can cancel it from your dashboard and receive a full refund.

Upgrades to the project are available at an additional cost.


The full cost of a service must be paid for at the time of order by the client. The Workfyx Milestone Payment System guarantees the payment. Withhold payment until you are completely satisfied with the final product.

For Freelancers

Signing up for Workfyx, making a profile, selecting skills relevant to projects of interest, uploading a portfolio, receiving project notifications, discussing project details with the customer, and placing bids on projects are all free.

Promotion of a bid can be done through the purchase of optional bid improvements.


To facilitate the transfer of funds from Client to Freelancer, Workfyx acts as Freelancer's limited approved payment collection agent, collecting payments from Client (through its Payment Services Provider, if applicable) and forwarding them to Freelancer. Upon receipt of payment by Workfyx (or its Payment Services Provider, as applicable), Client's obligation to pay Freelancer will be satisfied, and Workfyx (via its Payment Service Provider, as applicable) will remit payment to Freelancer in accordance with these Payment Terms. If for any reason such payments are not made by Workfyx (via the Payment Services Provider) to the Freelancer, the Freelancer will have only Workfyx to turn to, and not the Client.


If you are granted a fixed-price project and decide to accept it, we will collect an introduction fee equal to a percentage of the total value of the selected bid. Any sums received to you in excess of the amount you originally bid will also be subject to the project fee.

If you're getting paid by the hour, the charge will be deducted from your wages as they come in from your employer.

For projects with a set fee, it's 8% and for those with an hourly rate, it's 8%.

Preferred Workfyx Program

If you are a member of the Preferred Workfyx Program and are given a project by a Recruiter, you will be required to pay an 8% project fee. Unlike with typical projects, this fee will not be assessed until after you have been paid.

Refunds as Bonus Credit

In some instances, refund of fees may be done as bonus credit. This bonus may only be used on site, and can not be withdrawn or transferred. The bonus will expire in 90 days from the date of receipt.

2% Quote Fee

If a freelancer receives a quote award from a Client, Workfyx will collect a 2% project commission on every future work completed for both the freelancer and the client. Freelancer project commissions will be set at 8% for all Clients that accept a quote.

Workfyx Corporate

Upgrade your profile to Corporate. Gain the trust and credibility you need to accelerate your business presence.

Just like Freelancer Membership plans, Corporate can be an annual or monthly subscription. It can also be cancelled anytime from the User settings page, which will cease billing at the end of your subscription period without additional costs.

Other Fees


The following fees are optionally charged for additional services.:

Posting a Gig: FREE

Posting a Project: FREE

Alert: $7.99 USD

Featured: $6.99 USD

Highlight: $3.99 USD

Urgent: $5.99 USD

Bid Fees

Bidding on projects FREE Sponsored bid 0.75% of bid amount (minimum $5.00 USD, maximum $20.00 USD) Highlight Bid $1.00 USD Sealed Bid $0.10 USD


Taking an exam Dependent on exam. As specified prior to purchase. Typically either free, $5.00 USD, $10.00 USD, or $15.00 USD.

Change of Username Service Fee

Change of username service One time chance to change your username for $99 USD. Read more here.

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees incurred for using Credit Card, PayPal or Skrill.* $0.30 USD + 2.3% Local Bank Deposit FREE International Wire Transfer $15.00 USD *Australian users incur $0.30AUD + 0.99% for Credit/Debit card transactions.

Arbitration Fees

The arbitration fee for a milestone dispute is $5.00 USD or 5%, whichever is greater.

Our dispute resolution system is designed to allow both parties to resolve issues regarding milestone payments amongst themselves without arbitration.

After 4 days of a dispute being filed (or 7 days if the dispute is filed by the freelancer) either party may elect to move the dispute to paid arbitration. The other party will then have a further 4 days to agree to pay this fee and for both parties to submit any final evidence. If the other party fails to pay within time, they will lose the dispute.

The arbitration fee will then be refunded to the winner of the dispute.

Offsiting Fee

Users who have violated our Terms and Conditions by conducting communications and transactions outside the platform will be assessed a penalty equal to 30% of the maximum project budget or the agreed amount.

Withdrawal Fees

Fees may be optionally levied depending on the method of withdrawal. Additional fees may be levied by the third party offering the withdrawal method.

Express Withdrawal FREE PayPal FREE Skrill (Moneybookers) FREE Payoneer Debit Card FREE International Wire $25.00 USD We impose a minimum withdrawal, after fees, of USD $25.

Maintenance Fee

User Accounts that have not logged in for six months will incur a maintenance fee of up to $14.00 USD per month until either the account is terminated or reactivated for storage, bandwidth, support and management costs of providing hosting of the user's profile, portfolio storage, listing in directories, provision of the HireMe service, file storage and message storage. These fees will be refunded upon request by users on subsequent reactivation.


Taxes are applied based on local rates and rules defined by the user's country of residence / registered country.

Australia - Goods and Service Tax (GST) 10%

Chile - Value Added Tax (VAT) 19%

European Union - Value Added Tax (VAT) VAT rates

India - Tax Collected at Source (TCS) 1%

India - Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) 1% / 5%

Mexico - Income Tax Withholding 1% / 20%

Mexico - Value Added Tax (VAT) 16%

Russia - Value Added Tax (VAT) 20%

Switzerland - Value Added Tax (VAT) 7.7%

India Equalisation Levy Reimbursement

The treaty relieves freelancers of withholding obligations, for the avoidance of doubt, the Equalisation Levy. You are not being charged or paying for this levy, it is a reimbursement.

CLIENT FREELANCER WHO PAYS LEVY LEVY DETAILS Indian Resident Indian Resident Freelancer 2% charged to Freelancer on gross earnings Indian Resident Other Client 2% charged to Client on gross milestone payments Other Indian Resident Freelancer 2% charged to Freelancer on gross earnings Other Other N/A N/A * Neither Workfyx nor any of its partners offer professional legal, accounting, or tax services. This information has been compiled for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional tax, legal, or accounting advice. Your personal tax, legal, and financial advisors should be consulted.

<table class="FeesAndCharges-levy-table default-table">
<th class="levy-header">CLIENT</th>
<th class="levy-header">FREELANCER</th>
<th class="levy-header">WHO PAYS LEVY</th>
<th class="levy-header">LEVY DETAILS</th>
<td class="levy-data">Indian Resident</td>
<td class="levy-data">Indian Resident</td>
<td class="levy-data">Freelancer</td>
<td class="levy-data">2% charged to Freelancer on gross earnings</td>
<td class="levy-data">Indian Resident</td>
<td class="levy-data">Other</td>
<td class="levy-data">Client</td>
<td class="levy-data">2% charged to Client on gross milestone payments</td>
<td class="levy-data">Other</td>
<td class="levy-data">Indian Resident</td>
<td class="levy-data">Freelancer</td>
<td class="levy-data">2% charged to Freelancer on gross earnings</td>
<td class="levy-data">Other</td>
<td class="levy-data">Other</td>
<td class="levy-data">N/A</td>
<td class="levy-data">N/A</td>

User Agreement

The Workfyx User Agreement and related site policies govern the fees and charges outlined on this page. It is recommended that you read the User Agreement in its entirety as it contains other relevant clauses. In particular, if you violate the User Agreement, you will face the repercussions outlined in section 23. Damages incurred by Workfyx as a direct result of a User Agreement violation may result in monetary penalties.